Paintings by Dale Lindberg

Like weavings of beautiful fabrics mixed with nature in an organic exploitation of color, there is constant movement and an invigorating imagery with colors that are created with layers of textures and metallic transparencies to evoke a dreamy fantasy to the viewer.

Dale Lindberg was born on the Gulf Coast of Florida and grew up in a lovely old Florida beach style cottage. The inspiration for her paintings comes from a deep rooted love of Florida, sand and sea.

The avalanche of painting that came about started years ago, with a passion for fashion design and couture designers that embellished with texture and colors. Also, a fascination with Santa Fe, New Mexico and the artwork that exploded on the scene at that time with all the organic textures and vivid colors that were thrilling and exciting. Eventually she started exploring local artists along the Pacific coastline in Mexico and found yet another incredible art scene that had a tremendous impact. So with a leap of faith her first painting was of an angel sleeping in the desert and that very first piece started a frenzy of painting that has not diminished. The results has produced paintings with an exhilarating mix of moods from joyful and vivacious to soulful and contemplative, all color saturated.

Dale Lindberg has taken art classes at the Art Center, but is actually self taught and has learned her art through experimenting with layering paints with molding clay and textures and has true connection of all artistic expression. She bought her first piece of art at 23 from Norma Lewis, a local Florida artist and has spent years collecting many other pieces from local artists such as Marjorie Andruk, Mammie Harrison, Jean Hartley Blackburn, Milt Rochman and others. Dale finds she has been given a lovely gift that allows her to express the beauty and colors she sees like an inspiring message to the viewer.

Dale has worked and sold real estate in the local area for the last 25 years and specializes in selling new properties for builders. She has been currently been working for Rottlund Homes for the last seven years and spends her spare time painting and jogging on the beaches she grew up on.

I have hundreds of pieces of art in my mind .. years to go